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Irrational Reactions Could Be Detrimental To Our Freedoms @realDonaldTrump @Doug_Giles #Defend2A #DefendFreeSpeech #Unite #Trump2020

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*Editor’s Note: we are attaching photos of the author’s social media post and the timestamp showing it was written before the related news broke.* On Thursday, August 8th a man entered a Walmart in Missouri dressed in camouflage colored body armor and carrying an AK style rifle. Police in Missouri identified the armed suspect […]

#MakeItTrend Why mass shootings are a call to Make America Good Again @realDonaldTrump @DougGiles

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#Protect2ndAmendment #Gunsarenottheproblem #StopHR5087

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#StopHR5087 Dear Friends, The events in Florida were horrific and as more information becomes available the more terrible this tragedy is because it could have been stopped. From the officers outside the school who were apparently given stand down orders, to the FBI call that was ignored, to the multiple trips to this young mans […]

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