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NFL bans Christian players from going to churches filled to over 25% capacity

By Clare Marie Merkowsky Article Source The National Football League and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) recently announced regulations forbidding players to attend church when a service is more than a quarter full of the faithful. On July 25, NBC Sports reported that the NFL and the NFLPA will restrict players this season from attending indoor church […]

US mayor bans drive-thru Easter church services to ‘save lives’

Tucker Carlson rips WHO emergency expert for call to raid homes, remove sick family members

By Dorothy Cummings McLean Article Source Fox News host Tucker Carlson has criticized World Health Organization’s (WHO) top emergency expert for suggesting to authorities that they find those who may have the coronavirus in family homes and “remove them.” Carlson brought attention last night to a statement by Mike Ryan, WHO’s executive director of emergencies […]

The True Number Of Coronavirus Victims Is Far Larger Than You Are Being Told

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