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Did you know Black Lives Matter supports abortion, homosexuality, anti-family agenda?

Article Source While Black Lives Matter seems on the outside to be a social justice organization that aims to further the rights of African-Americans, many are surprised to discover that the group has an alarming pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and anti-family agenda at the core of its mission to remake America. In its online manifesto titled “What […]

Senate Republicans block radical ‘Equality Act’ that ‘steamrolls’ religious liberty

By Doug Mainwaring Article Source A move by Senate Democrats to pass the so-called “Equality Act” was blocked by a trio of Republicans today. Democrats had sought “unanimous consent” for the measure following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision — popularly referred to as the “Bostock case” — earlier this week that discovered additional rights for LGBT individuals while […]

New sex ed teaches New Jersey minors about sodomy and how to consent to it

By Martin Bürger Article Source WARNING: The following article contains sexually explicit language and material. The new standards for sex education in public schools of New Jersey push homosexuality and gender ideology, as well as abortion and contraception. Children are taught about giving “consent” and how to decide “whether and when to engage in sexual […]

One Million Moms boycotts Disney’s ‘Onward’ for forcing LGBT agenda on kids

Article Source The pro-family and pro-decency organization One Million Moms has launched a protest petition against the new Disney kids’ movie, Onward, as the studio’s first animated movie with an openly homosexual character. “I do not agree with the LGBTQ agenda you are pushing on families in the upcoming movie Onward. My family and I […]

Pete Buttigieg child exploitation showcases America’s moral degradation

By Linda Harvey Article Source The stage-managing of children for the depraved goals of homosexuality and gender rebellion needs to come to an end, right now. Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana mayor running for president, affirmed  a nine-year old boy’s “gay” identity in front of a cheering Denver crowd. The episode had all the […]

Americans should be outraged at Pete Buttigieg’s public sexualization of children

By Michael L. Brown Article Source What does a 9-year-old child know about sexuality? What does a pre-pubescent boy know about the meaning of “gay”? How many boys of that age still dream innocently of marrying their mothers? It is therefore absolutely outrageous that presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg gave a national platform to a 9-year-old […]

Transgender propaganda is media’s way of making you believe 2 plus 2 equals 5

By Andrea Widberg Article Source George Orwell knew that totalitarian dictatorships retain power by compelling people to agree that 2+2=5. But what happens if it’s not the government, but the media that lie? With the American media pushing transgenderism, we’re finding out. With accelerating force, the media insist that biological sex is meaningless and that people’s […]

Parents protesting in NJ to protect children from ‘radical’ new statewide LGBT curricula

By Kevin Mooney Article Source Parents are plenty angry about a New Jersey law that requires LGBT material to be incorporated into public school classroom instruction. The parents say they are concerned the new law will “teach lifestyles and life choices that stand 100% against our family values.” They object to their tax dollars being […]

ACLU demands tampons in men’s bathrooms for ‘menstrual justice’

By Martin M. Barillas Article Source The left-leaning American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is demanding that tampons be provided in men’s public restrooms, ostensibly to prevent discrimination against “every person who menstruates.” In a statement released on Tuesday, the ACLU called for eliminating sales tax on feminine hygiene products and declared, “While free menstrual products […]

Hallmark reverses decision to pull same-sex ‘wedding’ ads after LGBT celebrity backlash

By Paul Smeaton Article Source The Hallmark Channel has reversed its decision to stop airing four commercials featuring same-sex “weddings” and will now allow the controversial adverts to be aired. Hallmark initially decided to stop airing four commercials for the wedding planning website after a backlash from viewers. The ad that sparked the backlash […]

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