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Google Home “Smart” Speaker Caught Spying on Users

US congressman grills Google CEO over admitting to censoring search results

By Paul Smeaton Article Source Florida congressman Matt Gaetz has accused Google of election interference through the blacklisting of conservative news websites from its online search results after Google CEO Sundar Pichai admitted that the creation of lists of blocked sites “can involve a manual portion.” Gaetz drew the admission from the Google CEO through […]

Google, Facebook, Twitter shut down ‘frontline’ US doctors who promote ‘cure for COVID’

By Anthony Murdoch Article Source A video viewed millions of times, which showed doctors championing hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for the coronavirus and blasting the “spider web of fear” the virus has caused Americans, was swiftly removed from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for violating the sites’ respective COVID-19 “misinformation” policies. The banned video, originally […]

Google could shift a tenth of the vote to end Trump, researcher warns

YouTube puts ‘offensive’ warning on LifeSite video on Soros role in race riots

By Calvin Freiburger Article Source PETITION: Investigate George Soros’ role in funding domestic terrorism! Sign the petition here. YouTube has placed a LifeSiteNews video on George Soros’ support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in Restricted Mode for unspecified reasons, forcing viewers to click a warning agreeing to see “inappropriate or offensive content” before they can […]

Google threatened to attack conservative sites’ revenue stream over comments section

By Martin Bürger Article Source Google has threatened to refuse access to its advertising platform to conservative news website The Federalist over unspecified claims that the website was violating Google’s policies on content related to race. In response, The Federalist said it had “temporarily” removed its comments section. Another conservative website, ZeroHedge, was demonetized entirely. Conservatives, including Fox News […]

Arizona sues Google for deceptive tracking of smartphone users

By Paul Smeaton Article Source The state of Arizona is suing Google for allegedly using deceptive practices to track the location of smartphone users without their knowledge, following a nearly two year investigation into the company. “While Google users are led to believe they can opt-out of location tracking, the company exploits other avenues to […]

Apple updates iPhone to work with COVID-19 ‘contact tracing’ apps

By Calvin Freiburger Article Source PETITION: No to mandatory contact tracing and government surveillance for the coronavirus! Sign the petition here. Apple has laid the groundwork to support COVID-19 tracking applications on iPhones in the name of containing the coronavirus, despite concerns about user privacy and individual rights. On Wednesday, Apple and Google both released the […]

Exploiting COVID, Social Media Silences Dissent | Behind the Deep State

Watch this video before the Deep State takes it down!. In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the escalating efforts by Deep State social media companies (Youtube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc) to silence all dissent and everyone who exposes the establishment’s lies. YouTube announced that everything going against World Health […]

YouTube CEO: We’ll delete anything that contradicts World Health Organization on COVID-19

By Martin Bürger Article Source Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, announced that all content contradicting the Word Health Organization (WHO) on the coronavirus pandemic will be removed from the video platform. During a CNN interview last Sunday, Wojcicki explained there was “a 75 percent increase in the news coming from authoritative sources since the […]

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