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Rep Jordan: “They are never going to stop.”

Attorney General Bill Barr Calls Out The Democrat “Resistance”

Nancy Pelosi Announces Democrats Will Begin Drafting Articles of Impeachment

By Joshua Caplan Article Source House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Thursday that the House Judiciary Committee will begin drafting articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. “The president’s actions have seriously violated the constitution,” Pelosi said in a press conference on Capitol Hill. “Our Democracy is at stake. The president leaves us no choice but to […]

2020 Dem candidates endorse making abortion pills available over the counter

By Calvin Freiburger Article Source All of the candidates currently competing for next year’s Democrat presidential nomination have staked out uncompromisingly pro-abortion platforms, and several have gone so far as to support making abortion pills available without a prescription, according to a survey released Monday by The New York Times. The survey sent a list […]

Soros link found to Democrats’ latest impeachment witness

By Calvin Freiburger Article Source As the Democrat U.S. House of Representatives continues its impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump, critics questioning the impartiality and credibility of officials testifying against the president have learned that ex-National Security Council member Fiona Hill previously worked for far-left financier George Soros. Hearings are currently underway over Trump’s request […]

Democrats declare abortion a ‘human right,’ renew calls to codify Roe in latest debate

By Calvin Freiburger Article Source Democrat candidates gathered Wednesday evening for another presidential primary debate, during which they again stressed to left-wing voters that they would work to block states from implementing their own pro-life reforms. The candidates, all of whom have already endorsed virtually unlimited abortion at taxpayers’ expense, were asked to respond to […]

Tucker rips Pelosi for invoking prayer: She’s a ‘member of the church of partial-birth abortion’

By Calvin Freiburger Article Source Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson called out pro-abortion Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Wednesday evening for hypocrisy after she claimed that prayer has guided House Democrats’ push to impeach President Donald Trump. Hearings are currently underway over Trump’s request to the Ukrainian government that it investigate whether […]

Jim Jordan: Democrats ‘Cherry Pick’ Which Impeachment Probe Transcripts to Release

By Edwin Mora Article Source House Democrats are cherrypicking which transcripts of testimony provided in the secret and partisan impeachment probe they release and when, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who has witnessed the private depositions, declared Monday. His comments came soon after the Democrats released the transcripts of the testimony provided by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine […]

Democrats’ Border Crisis Hypocrisy

Kanye West: Democrats Spent Years Pushing Abortion and Welfare on Black Americans

By Ben Kew Article Source Rap superstar Kanye West slammed the Democratic Party for pushing abortion and dependence on welfare on black Americans, explaining that many people have become “brainwashed” by the party’s destructive ideas. In a wide-ranging interview with radio host Big Boy to promote his album “Jesus Is King,” West opened up about […]

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