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Where have all the Christians Gone?

Violence Against India’s Christians Reaches Record Levels

By Michael Tennant Article Source Christians in India suffered “a record number of violent attacks” last year, with much of the blame being placed on the Hindu-nationalist government of Prime Minister Narenda Modi, reported the Sunday Telegraph. Before Modi came to power in 2013, India didn’t even make Open Doors International’s top 30 nations for […]

Christians in northeast Syria living in fear as Turkish forces, IS group active in region

In northeastern Syria, the Christian community is more threatened than ever. Last October, it found itself caught in the middle of the battle between Turkish and Kurdish forces. Meanwhile, Islamic State group sleeper cells are active in the region and the Christian minority is one of their targets. Our reporters Chris Huby and Matthieu Delmas […]

Petition Against Netflix ‘Gay Jesus’ Surges Past 2.3 Million Signatures

By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. Article Source A petition against the Netflix Christmas special featuring a gay Jesus and pot-smoking Virgin Mary has now passed 2.3 million signatures, as Christians vent their outrage against the film. Launched just three weeks ago, the online petition to “ban the Christmas movie” titled The First Temptation of […]

Forbes Calls for Recognition of Christian Persecution as Global Problem

By Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. Article Source Forbes magazine has appealed for recognition of the phenomenon of Christian persecution around the globe as a crisis demanding focused attention. Report after report “has been raising the issues that relate to the persecution of Christians globally,” notes Forbes contributor Ewelina U. Ochab, which includes “atrocities that amount […]

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day: Revisiting Islam’s Greatest Slaughter of Christians

We should never forget. This is the history @IlhanOmar wants to pretend does not exist. She is constantly saying that America is evil. That is the lie of Islam. – Pastor Greg Young By Raymond Ibrahim Article Source Today, April 24, marks the “Great Crime,” that is, the genocide of Christians—mostly Armenians but also Assyrians—that […]

The Media Won’t Say It, but Christians Are the No. 1 Persecuted Group Worldwide

By Paul Coleman Article Source Sri Lanka. April 21. Five hundred wounded, over 300 dead in terrorist attacks. According to mainstream media and many in the international community, these attacks were another senseless assault on “humanity.” But the destruction of Christian churches on Easter morning was not motivated by generic hatred. We know exactly why […]

“WORLD TAKE NOTE!”: Genocide of Christians in Nigeria

Barak Obama’s support of Muslim leaders like the President of Nigeria has fueled the genocide of Christians. – Pastor Greg Young By Raymond Ibrahim Article Source Muhammadu Buhari, the Muslim president of Nigeria—who reached that position in part thanks to Barack H. Obama—continues to fuel the “genocide” of Christians in his nation, according to Nigerian […]

Dobson warns of socialist takeover if Christians don’t vote

‘At least 100’ Christians incinerated in ‘well-targeted attack’

Article Source At least 100 men, women and children have been incinerated in a “well-targeted attack” on Christians by jihadists in central Mali, according to reports. The exact number of victims who died in Sobame Da, a mainly Christian village, isn’t known because many of the bodies were burned beyond recognition. The Barnabas Fund, a […]

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