The most dangerous people to the leftist progressives are the ones who expose their failed policies and plans. Here is a man who came as a boy with his mom and did it all right. DACA and dreamers could all have done it right but didn’t and that was their choice. Choices have consequences.

– Pastor Greg Young

By Jack
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On Wednesday in Escondido, California, a legal immigrant hammered a Town Hall with the city council for prior to a vote on joining the Trump Admin’s lawsuit against California’s Sanctuary City laws.

Mayor Sam Abed said, “This is the right thing to do. I was elected mayor to uphold the Constitution and to keep our community safe. I am committed to do that, and that’s what the council did today.”

A legal immigrant, wearing a Make America Great Again hat, blasted the Sanctuary laws: “I came to this country 45 years ago with me and my mother. Okay? 45 years ago we were not offered sanctuary… We were told you have to be an American citizen and here’s what you have to do – and we did it.”

Watch the video below:

According to Fox 5 San Diego:

The council decided to file a legal brief in support of the lawsuit, which challenges the legality of three state laws enacted last year. Among them is a statute that limits cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities, which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says is unconstitutional and compromises public safety.

Councilmember Olga Diaz was the dissenting vote.

The decision made Escondido the first city in San Diego County to join the fight against laws protecting undocumented immigrants.