We are watching a melt down on the left and we are watching the years of indoctrination of our young come to fruition for the left. However we should not lose hope, because I believe there is a move in the millennial group to seek out truth and they are quickly recognizing that the ideology of the left is failing.

– Pastor Greg Young

By Emily Zanotti
Article Source

Leftists had a rough day Saturday as the Senate voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court, and for the most part, they didn’t hide their despair. With Handmaids on Capitol Hill and protesters on the National Mall, leftists turned downtown Washington, D.C. into a massive, ongoing temper tantrum.

But perhaps no incident better expressed the protesters’ tenuous hold on sanity than a demonstration at the Supreme Court, where protesters — mostly women — broke through a police line and barged to the Court’s chamber, where they proceeded to wail, gnash teeth, and pound at the doors while Kavanaugh was being sworn in inside.


Some of the protesters, who managed to get all the way through to the doors themselves, tried desperately to claw their way in, even though the doors were clearly locked (and look very heavy).

It took some time for them to give up. It may take them much longer to regain their sanity.