Over the past two weeks I have written two articles about George Soros and his dark money. Both were published at Vlash Daily. In them the connection between his money and Texas politicians are exposed and the question about what his money might buy with Beto “Robert Francis” O’Rourke. The Veritas investigation shows exactly what Robert is doing for his owner. What would he do in Washington DC.

– Pastor Greg Young

By R. Cort Kirkwood
Article Source

Beto O’Rourke, the candidate running to replace Republican Senator Ted Cruz in Texas, might want to let his campaign staffers know they can’t use the campaign bank account as a slush fund to funnel assistance to illegal aliens.

But media-darling O’Rourke’s young lefty staff members did just that, according to yet another undercover video by Project Veritas (video below).

And they admitted they broke black-letter campaign finance law.

The Video
According to PV, O’Rourke’s hip young staffers, who spend a lot of time lying about on the floor, “appear to be illegally using campaign resources to buy supplies and help transport Honduran aliens.”

The campaign staffers, PV reported, explained about using “campaign resources” to help Honduran aliens and transport them to airports and bus stations. Said Dominic Chacon and AnaPaula Themann, who work on O’Rourke’s campaign:

Chacon: “The Hondurans, yeah… I’m going to go get some food right now, like just some stuff to drop off…”

Themann: “How did they get through?”

Chacon: “Well I think they accepted them as like asylum-seekers… So, I’m going to get some groceries and some blankets…”

Themann: “Don’t ever repeat this and stuff but like if we just say that we’re buying food for a campaign event, like the Halloween events…”

The pair also explained to PV’s undercover reporter how they hide misusing the funds. “I think we can use that with those [campaign pre-paid] cards to buy some food, all that s**t can be totally masked like, oh we just wanted a healthy breakfast!” Chacon said.

Chacon told the reporter he doesn’t much care about the rules on campaign spending: “We’re going to use more of those cards to get them more supplies too. So it’s all going to work out. I’m done being nice. I’m done being professional. [Be]cause nothing is professional. None of this is like s**t there is a rulebook for, you know?”

“There’s not really an approval process,” Chacon said of using the pre-paid cards, and “we can just go and get the food and we can come up with a BS excuse like as to why we needed to get this stuff.”

Admitted Chacon, “If you get caught in some sort of violation that’s like a $50,000 fine.” But Chacon doesn’t worry about the rules. Those are for saps who obey the law: “For me I can just ignore the rules and I’m like f**k it. I don’t mind breaking the rules.”

“I just hope nobody that’s the wrong person finds out about this,” Themann confessed.

PV’s attorney said the staff members are breaking the Federal Election Commission’s rules. The commission could impose “civil penalties, including fines of up to $10,000 or 200 percent of the funds involved. Violations of Section 1001 are criminal and include imprisonment of up to five years.”

Some of the illegals, PV reported, are from the “migrant caravan” heading north through Mexico to storm the southern U.S. border.

Campaign Manager Is OK With It
Chacon also admitted using campaign vans to transport the illegal aliens: “We’re going to give rides to some of the immigrants too. Like to the airport, to the bus station, like why not, you know?”

Even worse, PV reported, the staff members alleged that O’Rourke’s campaign manager, who knows better, is fine with the illegal activity.

“Chacon explains that Jody Casey, the campaign manager for the O’Rourke campaign, was happy to hear about their efforts supporting aliens with campaign funds,” PV reported:

Chacon: “She texted us afterward and was like, I’m so happy that we have a staff that gets it and was there, I was so happy to see y’all there, still working, still contributing, we have the best team ever… she was good about it.”

Journalist: “So, Jody knows?”

Chacon: “Well, she doesn’t know we used the pre-paid card, but she doesn’t need to know.”

Added Chacon, when discussing the possibility for using campaign vans to help the Honduran aliens, “We could probably get away with using the vans…. Nobody needs to know.” Chacon also says, “For me, I can just ignore the rules and I’m like f**k it.”

Casey blew off the undercover journalist’s concerns about the illegal spending on illegal aliens: Replied Casey, “Don’t worry.”