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Fearless Afghan MP Belquis Roshan sparked outrage among Shia Muslims during a speech in Parliament in which she condemned the Afghan government for not backing President Trump who eliminated the senior terrorist of the Iranian Quds Force responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan.

The Iranian terrorist regime finances and arms terrorist organizations in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.

The Iranian terror regime exploits Iran’s wealth to fund terrorist organizations in the Middle East while children in the suburbs of the country are starving.

It was Obama who gave Iran BILLIONS of dollars. His inaction emboldened Iran to become the problem we have to deal with today.

Obama’s Iran Deal was a disaster: It allowed Iran to keep their nuclear infrastructure. It relieved sanctions and delivered billions in cash to a rogue regime. It all but guaranteed a nuclear Iran in less than a decade.

On the other hand The Trump administration has designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization.