This is what stolen valor looks like. I am a veteran USAF. A traitor who went AWOL three times tries to pass himself off as a Vietnam Vet as he assaults a 17 year old high school kid with more honor and integrity than this POS will ever possess. I won’t even write his name because he is such a cowardly toe scum low life piece of garbage who was also there to protest the March for Life because like New York he supports sacrificing babies especially white babies the racist scum bag. I think I may be just a little upset by this. Oh I mean “triggered”.

– Pastor Greg Young

By Rowan Scarborough
Article Source

A prominent hunter of “stolen valor” fraudsters has released two pages of Nathan Phillips‘ Marine Corps personnel record that show he stayed in the United States during the Vietnam War and went AWOL three times.

Mr. Phillips, 63, an activist whose followers are called “decolonizing warriors” and want an end to borders, has wrapped his career in references to being a Vietnam veteran for his 2½-year military stint in the 1970s. At one point, he said he served “in theater.”

Don Shipley is a retired Navy SEAL who specializes in exposing fake war veterans or veterans who greatly exaggerate their service. He told The Washington Times he acquired the documents via a Freedom of Information Request on Tuesday from the U.S. National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis. The center has remained open during the partial government shutdown.

Mr. Phillips‘ military history arose as an issue after he confronted Covington Catholic High School students from Park Hill, Kentucky, some wearing President Trump-supporting “Make America Great Again” caps, at the Lincoln Memorial. There for the pro-life march, the students were feeling the sting of a constant barrage of insults from a fringe group called Black Hebrew Israelites, which has been deemed a hate group by left and right organizations.

Videos show Mr. Phillips approaching the students as he pounds a drum. There, he and student Nick Sandmann stood face to face in a now-iconic scene. The videos don’t show the kids blocking him, as he contended in press interviews, or shouting “build the wall.”

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