Today on Chosen Generation radio (ret) Col Rob Mannes on classified information leaked by insiders at the FBI and the DOJ and Intelligence sources loyal to Obama have created additional and new National Security Risks. What risks are created by the knowledge that China has the Clinto Emails?

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@SamNunberg who was interrogated by the Mueller team and his take on the latest developments in the ongoing Witch hunt. Trump Tower lies from Cohens Attorney Lanny Davis.

Mike Daugherty Author of The Devil Inside the Beltway What does the latest on China possessing the Clinton Emails say about our cyber security readiness. #MediaCommitsTreason #ConnectingtheDotsintheConspiracyAgainstPresidentTrump #TruthAboutClintonDealings #CohenUsedbyMueller #HealthCareFreedom #EMailLeaksExposeCyberVulnerability