From the woman that thought decapitating the President was a joke we now have a vicious attack on the much maligned Covington Catholic Boys. This time she attacks the basketball team for making a common sign associated with t three point basket. The only one here that makes demonic signs and jesters is Kathy Griffin.

– Pastor Greg Young

By Warner Todd Huston
Article Source

Comedienne Kathy Griffin joined the attack on the Covington Catholic school kids on Tuesday, with a tweet accusing them of displaying a “Nazi sign.” The standup, whose career went on the skids after she publicized a photo shoot where she was seen holding up the bloody, severed head of President Donald Trump.

Posted a tweet on Tuesday featuring a photo of some Covington High School basketball players with a caption saying, “Covington’s finest throwing up the new nazi sign.”

In the pic, one of the players is making a sign for the number three, with the thumb and forefinger together.
Griffin deleted the tweet a short time later. But some saved screen shots of the attack.

The claim quickly fell apart on the bellicose comedienne when people began replying to her tweet with images of black NBA players holding their hands in the exact same way the Covington players had. Because, that particular sign is the hand signal for a made 3-point shot. Not, the symbol of white racism.