So where is the NAACP, the BLM or the ACLU? Oh that’s right he is conservative and it’s about the second amendment.

– Pastor Greg Young

By Warner Todd Huston
Article Source

A conservative black student at the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law has been suspended after some left-winger reported him to the college because he legally owns a gun.

Student Brandon Masin, 25, is a law student who helped organize the school’s chapter of The Federalist Society — the only conservative student organization on campus.

On November 20, Masin was attending a holiday outing hosted by one of the school’s professors when he received an email informing him that school officials had suspended him because he was reported as a threat to the school.

Masin immediately tried to get someone at the school to tell him just what was going on, but the school refused to respond to him telling him only that he was being called before a committee to assess his position at the school.

When that day finally came, it became clear that he was being persecuted because he was a gun owner.

As Ammoland reports:

At the meeting the CARE team turned out to be the University’s Counselor and Chief of Police, he was vaguely questioned about the unspecified allegations, and after sticking by his denials, he was then questioned about his mental health. If he had any anger issues if he had a firearm, how many, why he felt the need to own firearms? If he was licensed to carry them, if he carried at the school, whether he felt unsafe at the school and if he ever open carried.

Apparently, the school was singling him out as a conservative, licensed gun owner and not concerned about safety.

He was finally told that there was a “threat” against the school, but he proved where he was when the so-called threat was delivered and that he did not make the threat — whatever it was (which he was never told). Despite proving his innocence AND providing letters of recommendation by teachers and students, the school decided he was guilty.

He was then emailed later that day informing him that the CARE team considered him a threat while citing no actual reasons for this finding. The following day she issued her decision finding him responsible, citing no evidence for her decision other than not believing his denial and citing the fact that an anonymous accusation was made. She mentioned absolutely no other sources of information and did not mention the discrepancy in the time frame or the several witness accounts that were sent to her.

Worse it looks like the school is angling to falsely expel him by dithering on his appeal until after finals this month and then they can say he is failing class (because he will have missed his finals because of the suspension) and they can then expel him because of bad grades.

This is little else but a violation of his rights.

Personally, I hope Masin sues the school into oblivion.