Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show we will discuss the behavior of the leftist activists at the Kavanaugh hearing. Matt Long of the Fredericksburg Tea Party joins Greg Young to discuss the crazy actions of both the people and the Democratic representatives on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

There is a HealthCare Revolution and Liberty HealthShare led by their founder Dale Bellis are obtaining Helth Care Freedom for thousnads of Americans. Learn how they can help you!

Nike has decided to embrace the Anti American rhetoric of Kolin Kaepernick naming him there new “Just Do It” campaign. Burgess Owens former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion joins us to discuss this and the new NFL season and other outspoken athletes like LeBron James Back when sports was as patriotic as the military and Mom’s Apple pie.

#KavanaughHearings Mike Daugherty joins Greg Young to discuss the Kavanaugh hearings. At around 2 pmk edt today Senator Richard Blumenthal a Democrat from Connecticut exposed the real agenda of the left in questioning President Trump’s nominee. It is to delegitimize the United States Supreme Court and call its integrity into question in the same way they have questioned the legitimacy of the election of 2016 and the President of the United States. This subversive behavior borders on treason and high crimes and misdemeanors.