Current Needs:

– Pastors need bicycles 10
– Churches need drums for worship, carpets for the people to sit on. 15 each.
– Bibles 250
– Cost 100,000 Rupees $1300
– Laptop and projector so Pastor Greg can preach to the people in India and to the Pastors. $600
– We need to finish the orphans home in Amristar Punjab India Flooring on second floor and the doors and windows $600
– Total $2500
***Monthly we need $600 a month for pastors salaries, orphans food and schooling.

Mail Donation:

Family Christian Center
P.O. Box 3393
Bandera, Texas 78003

You can make a donation online by clicking the banner below:

Dear Pastor Greg,

We have distributed the grocery to widows, needy and helpless people, all these people are non christians, we shared the Salvation message of Jesus and gave them literatures and prayed for them.

Thank you for you prayers and support for helping us to Share the love of God in Action in this time.

God bless you, family, radio ministry and all ministry friends.

God bless you,


*** See Photo Gallery Below ***

Dear Pastor Greg,

We thank and praise God that we distributed Grocery to 82 people with your prayers and support. We are so thankful to you, family and ministry friends for helping. We are praying for all you Keep us in your prayers God bless you all Samuel Soni

Praising Report of Bethel Ministry (Pastor Greg)