Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Richard Manning Americans for Limited Government discusses the heroic stand made by Chip Roy to stop unchecked spending of $19.5 billion two weeks ago Friday. A bill touted as relief spending was halted when Congressman Roy cast the deciding vote. Mexican Tariffs are in line to be used to stop Mexico from continuing to allow caravans to move through their country after an historic 1200 illegals crossed in one night. President Trump visits a UK in transition which was involved in spying on Americans in his campaign. Attacked by a Muslim Mayor who condones terrorism as normal and a leftist Cabinet Member Trump presses on.

Joseph P Duggan exposes the truth about who Khashoggi really was and why his death had to do with the attempted coup against the Saudi royals.

Lowell Ponte long time radio personality and Readers Digest roaming Editor discusses the communist link between the attacks on Richard Nixon and the President Trump and the same connections to the Democratic Party. Wait till you hear some of the names.

David Rosler writer, director and award winning animator joins us to discuss his latest project and how you can help to revolutionize Christian film making.