Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Gainor @newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter @theMRC discusses the medias continued disconnect with facts and the truth. CNN has lost a third of their prime time audience and 55% of their Demo audience. Other networks only showed a slight dip in viewership. Empire cancelled is it Jussie’s fault and where is the media coverage? 911 Responders Fund Jon Stewart testimony, Will the House vote on it? Swedish walk back statements on the Christian no go zones. #FakeNews Steven Crowder still under attack by LGBTQ and YouTube waffling. And much more…Pinterest ban on Pro Life group Live Action…

Phil Haney Center For Security Policy has just returned from his visit to the Israeli border and discusses what he saw in Israel.

David Shestokas Constitutional Attorney discusses the First Amendment and how the courts have shrunk the religious liberty portion of the Amendment. We will if there is time also discuss the continued assaults on the DOJ and AG Barr by the Democrats.

Possible guest the Mayor of Uvalde will discuss the impact of illegal immigration on his city. Broken windows, stolen cars and assaults on the street all courtesy of the open border.

Discussion on Pastor Greg outreach to India, bible school, orphanage, training up Pastors.