Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long President Fredericksburg Tea Party updates on the Texas Legislature as the grassroots bills we wanted to see pass are languishing in committee and what was once a promising session with the retirement of Joe Strauss is turning into the same old story.

Dale Bellis Founder of Liberty Healthshare which will save you money, meet your families needs, get you out of the insurance bureaucratic game, address your issues of conscious, give you healthcare choices that you are in direct control of and introduce you to a faith minded community that cares about you. We discuss the dangers of Medicare for all.

Mark Gordon 20 year veteran with the FBI, spent two years with US Customs and Border Protection and served as President Obama’s Chief of US Customs and Border Protection. Mark discusses why he believes we have an emergency at the border and it is not made up. We also discuss the FBI and how to restore a tarnished reputation.

Mike Daugherty discusses Bernie Sanders and the Democratic parties move to the left. Also a recent rash of cyber attacks has people focusing in our infrastructure.