Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rick Manning Americans for A Limited Government joins us to discuss the SOTU and what we can expect the President to say. Also the Daily Caller reports that AXIOS was delivered a detailed schedule of President Trump sent to them by a low level staffer.

Bill Federer American Minute Historian discusses the history of the State of the Union. What is the impact of the address and what have Presidents used this opportunity for?

Dr. Gaylon McCullough Former Doctor to Bear Bryant, Joe Namath’s Center for Alabama’s National Championship. World famous plastic surgeon. Author of the Anti-Trump Conspiracy. Gaylon will discuss the continued coup and the lefts continuing aggression against President Trump and anyone connected to him.

Dr. Warren Farrell The Boy Crisis, what a converted hard left feminist supporter has discovered through his scientific data that has converted him to a Conservative worldview and made him a defender of true masculinity. The dangerous kind of man feminists are so deftly afraid of.