Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Richard Manning Americans for Limited Government joins Pastor Greg with our weekly look inside the beltway. Will we avoid a Government shutdown? What are the budget issues that we need to be concerned about? Will their be a solution to the Border Security issue?

Scott Lively author of the Pink Swastika which exposes the relationship between homosexuality and Hitlers NAZI German regime. Specifically their impact on the higher level officer and the SS, which was a very cruel enforcement arm of Nazi Germany. He has also founded an effort to recapture culture in Springfield MA. This successful model is now being considered in several communities across the country.

Julio Rivera the Conservarican weighs in on the Virginia Democrats. How do the Democrats get away with apparent racism and still have the support of the black vote in Virginia? What happens to a Republican? They have even blamed this on President Trump. Also Shutdown scenarios.

Jeff Crouere Ringside Politics 990AM WGSO New Orleans joins Pastor Greg to talk the 2020 Democratic candidates and what we are learning about their extreme view for America.