Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long President Fredericksburg Tea Party our grassroots perspective. We discuss the year 2018 and what are the things that surprised us. Then looking forward what can we expect in the new year 2019?

Angie Diller Liberty Healthcare Sharing discusses the current healthcare environment and what can be done about it.

Robert Spencer Jihad Watch joins us to react to the Jihadi’s claiming that there will be more terrorist attacks An ISIS-supporting media group that just days ago issued a threat bearing symbols of a biological attack quickly seized on the Strasbourg, France, Christmas market attack to warn of more holiday assaults. –PJ Media

Mike Daugherty author The Devil Inside the Beltway discusses the year 2018 and what we have seen as the President has insisted on deregulation. What does 2019 look like and how will this continued assault on the regulatory state effect their actions and attitudes?