Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans our expert on exposing the Marxist efforts to destroy our constitutional republic. As the media continues its unrelenting attack on the President and a non existent Russia collusion they have switched to Michael Cohen. This on their attack on the Presidents non politically correct statements that time after time prove to be right.

Justin Danhoff National Center for Policy Research joins Pastor Greg to address the Google CEO’s testimony and the efforts of his organization to have a conservative voice at the annual stockholder meetings held by these companies.

Dr. Paul Broun former Congressman from Georgia joins us to discuss what Congress can do on a variety of issues in this lame duck session and conservatives response to the on going attack on the President.

Beth Bauman Associate Editor for Townhall joins Pastor Greg to discuss a case with huge implications in taking the fangs away from regulatory bodies who can currently write ambiguous regulations and then define those in their use against citizens or businesses. The Supreme Court maybe taking up a case that will change those laws.