Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Gainor @newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter discusses the feeding frenzy that the media has created around anything they can make sound bad about the President. Impeachment for Election Financial malfeasance they say! Attempting to sow seeds of discord with Nicki Haley and leaving out the disloyalty of Rex Tillerson at the State Department as he systematically targeted all President Trump employees and ran them out even going so far as to direct Department heads to target them at the Department meetings.

Phillip Haney Center for Security Policy discusses the continuance of Christian Persecution and the recently signed bill to protect Christians and other minority groups in Muslim countries of Iraq and Syria.

Dave Shestokas Constitutional Attorney joins to discuss the Cohen sentencing and what Campaign Finance Laws may or may not have been broken. What does the plea deal tell us? Is the President in any real trouble? What is a high crime and misdemeanor? What does any of this expose about the Mueller investigation? What does all of this say about the deep state influence on the DOJ and when might that stop?

Dr Gavin Clarkson a Former member of the Trump Cabinet shares his insights on the current events. Also his experience applying for a wedding license in Washington DC and being asked for his passport when he presented his New Mexico drivers license.