Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans My Grandchildrens America joins as we discuss what is the new normal in America? What does the recent attack on Tucker Carlson’s home tell us? Violent anarchist groups are attacking people and destroying free speech. This is a Marxist tactic. Don Jans explains.

Jon Sutz Save the West joins us as we discuss the caravan that left wing media wants us to believe are simply down trodden poor immigrants who are looking to save their families. Video and pictures show thousands of young men who appear to be marching and burning American flags. What is really going on?

David Ward retired Border Patrol Agent with over 38 years of law enforcement, public safety experience, and emergency management in supervisory and managerial positions. Guest commentator on FOX Business, FOX and Friends, Your World w Neil Cavuto, Ingraham Angle, Risk and Rewards, various radio media networks, Public Speaking relating to Border and National Security, Interior Immigration Enforcement.

Joe Messina host of The Real Side with Joe Messina joins to discuss the attack on conservative news media and alternative news media outlets by Facebook, Twitter and Google.