Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Perkins author, writer, radio and TV personality joins Pastor Greg. What will the Democrats do with their power in the House? When will we realize that taking back the moral high ground as Republicans is critical to our success? Democrats are using their new found moral high ground as the reason to push abortion, illegal immigration, LGBTQ agenda and impeachment. Dan helps us wade through it all.

Dr. Tom Barrett talks to us about investment grade gold and how you can protect your assets.

Amanda Head “The Hollywood Conservative” joins Pastor Greg to talk about the Conservative Women who won seats, like Young Kim the first Korean Woman to win a congressional seat and Marsha Blackburn the first woman to represent the State of Tennessee in the office of Senator. It should be noted that a search for “the first Korean woman to be voted into Congress” only came back with one hit. A story that buried both ladies at the bottom of the story. Also, Hollywood weighed in on this election including Orpah and Beyounce, yet the star power fizzled we will ask Amanda her thoughts on all of this.