Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long President of the Fredericksburg Texas Tea Party our Grassroots Expert joins us to discuss today’s mid term. A look at two scenarios and how we react to both. Whoever wins we know there could be a vile reaction from the left as they have stated their intentions. What must we do in response?

Dale Bellis Founder @LibertyHealthshare discusses the healthcare revolution and what is at stake today. How will the Affordable Care Act be effected? What about Medicare? How does Medical Healthcare Sharing help?

Dr. Warren Treadgold explains how important the right people in office are to the education decisions at the federal level and their impact on our students.

Paul Janiczek joins Pastor Greg to discuss the election strategies. Paul was the strategist that delivered Florida for President Trump in 2016 and helped put together the communications Hub for the Trump Campaign in San Antonio.