Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans Author, Blogger, Speaker and Radio Guest joins Pastor Greg to discuss the influence of Marxism and Socialism on our current Deep State. Ann Coultor has said in a recent interview that Donald Trump maybe the last Republican President due to redistricting and illegal immigration.

IQ al Rassooli an expert on Islam gives us the reasons why Muslims can not assimilate into the western culture. The danger of mosques and what it means that we have now elected more Muslims into Congress.

Curtis Bowers produced The Grinding Down of America in 2010 showing that what the MSM had been labeling conspiracy theories is in fact a provable agenda.

Paloma for Trump joins Pastor Greg to discuss the invasion at our border and how she has been fighting these invasions for years. What is really going on at the border through the eyes of someone who is a legal immigrant living in Tijuana and traveling to San Diego every day for work.