Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Bonner R. Cohen is a senior policy analyst with CFACT and an internationally recognized expert on natural resources, including energy, the environment, and property rights. Bonner and CFACT are headed to Poland to try to keep the US out the latest Climate Accord. He explains the real science and what climate change activists are doing to destroy economies and the advancements of third world countries.

Paloma is an American loving activist, born in Mexico, came to America legally as a kid at 10 years old, though I visited America for the first 10 years of my life and went back to Mexico always knowing and loving this beautiful nation. She joins us to help us get a clear picture of the caravan and what it is trying to do to our nation.

Dr. Tom Barrett of Christian Financial Concepts joins Pastor Greg to continue to educate on the benefit of Investment Grades Gold and what it means.

Michael Daugherty author of the Devil Inside the Beltway gives us a birds eye view of what the Mueller probe is doing to Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone. What they did to Gen Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort and why it may all be starting to unravel.