Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Brandon Darby Managing Director of Breitbart Texas Co Founder of The Cartel Diaries joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Caravan and the recently released photo of the notorious Cartel boss known as “El Gato”. What are the Cartels doing at the border with the caravan? How is the Mexican government moving to resolve the issue? What will mainstream media not report?

Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share joins us to discuss the current healthcare industry issues and how the Medical Healthcare Sharing can solve so much of the problem.

Michael Hanson Killing Free Speech documentarian discusses what he has witnessed in both Europe and America that is destroying the right to free speech, and if you think it is an exaggeration watch the video.

Paul Janiczek joins us to discuss the Russian aggression against Crimea and the Ukraine and what is really going on there. Also, the Jamal Khashoggi murder, was there more than meets the eye? Could he have had information about an assassination attempt against the Royal Prince? Was he viewed as a threat with his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations? Was he ever really a journalist or was he a propagandist for Islamic extremists?