Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dr. Ted Broer joins us to discuss what a biblical diet looks like and how it helps to get us and keep us healthy. Dr. Broer has his own non politically correct show and we may get some of those thoughts as well.

Attorney Daniel Buttafuoco addresses the validity of the bible through a trial lawyers eyes. Specifically answering the challenges to the new testament. At a time when Christianity itself is being questioned like never before or so it would seem, this book looks at the source of the Christian faith. The New Testament.

Julio Rivera joins us to discuss the Mueller investigation and the rumblings of a final release. Jerome Corsi has come forward with some very damning testimony as to how the Mueller team is badgering witnesses and trying to get phony confessions.

Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government joins us to discuss the latest news in Washington DC including is it time to bring the biggest political crime family of the 20th and 21st century to justice? Will Hillary and Bill finally get their just reward? Who else might fall?