Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Peter LaBarbera Americans for Truth About Homosexuality joins Pastor Greg to discuss the implications of the Rainbow wave in this last election. If our constitution is only fit for a moral people then what happens when absolute immorality is taught in schools and accepted as normal?

Philip Haney Center for Security Policy discusses the continued challenges at the DOJ. Matthew Whitaker has been cleared by the DOJ counsel but the Democrats signal that they are not satisfied. Same characters are leading the charge.

Trevor Loudon New Zeal Blog joins Pastor Greg to discuss the real story of the mid terms and the losses that the GOP suffered. What does it mean going forward? The trend is pushing blue as the GOP has all but conceded the cultural war and this concession is leading to the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

David Brody CBN The Brody File and a reporter that has had uniquer access to the President weighs in on the media and their bias. The behavior of Jim Acosta and whay he was banned from the White House Briefing room. CNN and their behavior.