Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long joins Pastor Greg to discuss the effects of Battle Ground Texas on the mid terms and what happened at the State Level and the Federal Level. Is Texas up for grabs going into 2020?

Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share joins Pastor Greg to discuss the benefits of self directed health care. How to get out from under the burdens of Obamacare and secure health care for you and your family.

Patrick Wood author of Technocracy Rising gives us a front row look at the Nationalist debate that President Trump is having with Europe and other world leaders. Why is our President right and the others wrong? How are Technocrats advancing their globalist agenda? Is there any correlation to the mid term elections? To the Caravan?

Mike Daugherty joins us to discuss how the administrative state is taking aim at the President as they fight for their lives against an administration that is set on deregulation. What does deregulation mean to our freedoms and liberties?