Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government. What is nationalism? As we celebrate and honor our veterans. Also, Matthew Whitaker is under attack from the Democrats. We discuss the qualifications for office.

David Shestokas Constituional Attorney at Law joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Presidents Executive powers in appointing and firing an Attorney General. What powers does he have in appointing cabinet members? Where is the congressional line in attacking the sitting President?

Julio Rivera the Conservarican and Editor of the Reactionary Times joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Florida and Arizona elections. Should non citizens actually be voting? Joe Biden says so. What values do the Hispanic community value? Traditional families? Honor your parents? Whose party most closely aligns with those values?

“The Dane” Michael Hansen joins us to discuss the clamping down on free speech by groups that are patrolling the streets of America. Are we following in the footsteps of England and Europe? “Killing Free Speech” his new documentary discusses how the left calls the right violent and yet uses violence to silence their opposition. WHat is really at stake here?