Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rachel Bovard Conservative Partnerships Senior Policy Director joins Pastor Greg to discuss the caravan. How does a loose group with no leader fleeing for their lives find food, shelter and direction so easily? We examine the truth about this caravan and its intentions.

Daniel Greenfield joins us to to discuss Khashoggimania and how the media bias for Islam is ignoring the real facts regarding this Islamic informer. How this attack on the Saudi Royals is really aimed at Israel.

Dr Tom Barrett will continue to educate on the benefits of Investment grade gold and how to secure your assets. Protecting you from the expected market correction,

Paul Janiczek joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Israeli cyber attack on Iranian missile systems. The latest role Iran is playing in destabilizing the region. What is happening in Qatar withthe five Generals released by the Obama Administration in exchange for Bergdahl.