Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show Richard Manning Americans for Limited Government joins Greg Young to discuss the Democrats continued aggression toward the Kavanaugh confirmation. What is next in the call to investigate the FISA warrants? What came out in the IG report and the declassification order from the President?

Bill Federer discusses the true history of Christopher Columbus. Why did he really set sail? What was he looking for? What role did God play in his voyage? You will learn some new facts.

Julio Rivera Reactionary Times joins Greg Young to discuss the midterms and how the Kavanaugh hearing has effected them. Are the continued Democratic Parties protests and attacks lighting a fire under the Republican base? Should investigations go forward in order to uncover the swamps activities?

Keisha Russell First Libertyjoins us to discuss First Liberty is representing Cambridge Christian School (CCS) after the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) forbid the school from praying over the loudspeaker before a football game.