Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long of the Fredericksburg Tea Party joins Pastor Greg for our Grassroots Perspective. #GetOuttheVote with only one week to go it is imperative that people exercise their right to vote. There is a dramatic difference between the two ideologies and their is only one that has some part of its platform that aligns with a Christian Constitutional vote.

@LibertyHealthShare Dale Bellis discusses the benefits of self directed health care through Medical Healthcare sharing. Obamacare has done what it was intended to do and that is to fail. Medical Healthcare Sharing is the answer.

George Barna joins Pastor Greg to discuss the lack of a biblical worldview and its effect on our culture. What is the cause and how do we stop this obvious decline in biblical values.

Mike Daugherty discusses the impact the social media giants are having on our country. Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter have control of 2/3 of America and are driving the narrative. Is it time for the Government to step in with protections for the people.