Today on @chosengenerationradioshow Matt Long joins us to discuss the need to get out the vote. Motivations Economy, jobs, saving the tax cuts, border security, preserving the rule of law “innocent till proven guilty” and draining the swamp.

Healthcare Revolution @SharingLHS @LibertyHealthShare Dale Bellis joins us to discuss the upcoming election and the Democrats efforts to create a single payer health care system. Liberty Health Share offers you a way out today!

#MediaMadness Dan Gainor @Newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter @theMRC joins us to discuss the medias caravan narrative, Sen Cory Booker sexual assault accusations, Twitter censorship, Clash Daily banned from Facebook for life and more!

Mike Daugherty discusses the Google censored search engine, what a Dem victory would bring to the internet, Facebook and their Face scanner and Amazon recruitment violations of womens rights.