Today Chosen Generation Radio Show Dan Gainor Newsbusters Media Research Center joins us to discuss the medias bias against President Trump and against any conservative. Pompeo attacked for his visit Saudi Arabia. Media ignores more leftist violence in Minnesota.

Alec Baldwin debut, Conners debut and the leftist media continues to fail.

Derrick Wilburnjoins us from the road as he is recruiting college interns for an opportunity to se what goes on in Washington DC from inside the offices of Congressional members and Senators. What is the reception on college campuses? Also, Elizabeth Warren and claiming minority status a favorite of the left.

Not in Vein Pastor Johnny Amos joins us to discuss a new documentary that addresses the serious opioid crisis we are facing here in America.

Peter LaBarbera Americans for Truth About Homosexuality joins Greg Young to discuss the push to allow Gay Men to give blood just like everyone else. One small problem, most Gay Men carry some form of venereal disease and it is all transmitted through blood. Would you trust a tainted blood supply? Would you want to go to a hospital and get a transfusion knowing there is a better then 50% chance you are going to get a disease with that blood?