Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show Richard Manning Americans for Limited Government joins Greg Young to discuss the latest news out of Washington DC. Will Rod Rosenstein get a subpoena? Is there anything to the story of a riff between the President and General Mattis? How does President remove those he distrusts and find good replacements?

Bill Federer www, Our resident Historian explains the history of the electoral college. Democratic candidates are calling it an advancement on slavery and demanding it be removed.

Aaron Wolf award winning director discusses his documentary on Restoring Tomorrow about the renovations of a Jewish Temple in the neighborhood he grew up in and the effect that it had on the neighborhood.

Paul Janiczek Former Diplomat working for John Bolton joins us to discuss the WAPO reporter Jamal Khashoggi a government dissident who went missing in Saudi Arabia. Paul will help us understand the intricacies of this potentially dangerous situation.