Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Philbin Managing Editor for MRC Culture is subbing in for Dan Gainor to talk Media Bias in the continued shameless behavior. They still cling to their version of the Covington story refusing to acknowledge Nathan Philips as a Stolen Valor fraud. Coverage of the Houston Police shooting was non existent. There is more tune in.

Dr. David Ayers has written a timely book about the value of marriage and how the church must communicate that value to a culture that has lost its way being raised in homes that are only 34% or less intact.

David Shestokas our constitutional attorney joins us to discuss the Roger Stone arrest and charges. Stone was arrested last week by over 25 heavily armed FBI agents with CNN cameras in tow. He has pleases not guilty.

Peter LaBarbera Americans for Truth About Homosexuality joins Pastor Greg to discuss the continued onslaught of the Homosexual Agenda against religious liberty and the constitution. Activist judges continue to side with the LGBTQ movement against the Constitution and Christianity. While the church refuses to stand up for the truth and the Power of the Cross and the Resurrection.