Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show Dan Gainor Gainor and Media Research Center joins Pastor Greg to discuss the medias continued bias and Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Border Wall and the Government Shutdown.

@DerrcikWilburn @RockyMountainBlackConservatives discusses David Web’s white privilege according to a liberal CNN Civil Rights Attorney, and why is Derrick back on Facebook suspension for a post from 2016?

David Shestokas Dave Shestokas on the ConstitutionConstitutional Attorney joins Pastor Greg to discuss the recent ruling on the US Census which opens the door for illegals to continue to be counted. 31 million of them!! Also the Federal Judge that ruled that there is no room for the first amendment and the free exercise of ones religious beliefs towards abortion.

Peter LaBarbera Americans for Truth About Homosexuality joins Pastor to discuss the Texas Democrats making Sexual Orientation Gender Identity their top priority which includes bills to make it criminal to refuse to bake a cake, photograph or provide flowers at a wedding between two people of the same sex. Fines and mandatory jail time to follow.