Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans My Grandchildrens America founder and author Goodbye Constitution Freedom America, speaker and blogger joins us to discuss the take over of the 116th Congress by Marxist Progressives. The grave danger we are in and the verge of a civil war.

Daniel Greenfield Sultan Knish writer for Front Page Mag discusses the illegal aliens that committed horrendous acts of murder against innocent Americans and the Democrats don’t care. These acts justify the President declaring an emergency at the border.

Maria Espinoza Founder of the Remembrance Project which reaches out to and advocates for the families who have had loved ones murdered by illegal aliens. Pelosi and Schumer refuse to address these families and called their pain no worse than what happens to a child at the border. This ignores that it is their policies that create the horrors experienced by both and they won’t do anything about either.

Jim Simpson Investigative Reporter has uncovered the names of the people and organizations responsible for funding these “caravans” which are not happening by some organic chance. Once again the left wants you to believe that some organism crawled out of the ocean and started walking.