Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Matt Long joins us to discuss Texas Politics. The Texas Legislature unlike many states only meets every two years and only for a three month period barring any special sessions being called by the Governor. This means less government and should mean more efficient government but with liberals and rinos running the show the last few years that has not always been the case. Matt gives us a preview of this session.

Dale Bellis Founder of Liberty Health Share joins us with a preview of what we can expect for 2019. With Democrats taking over the House what can we expect health care to look like? How can you take control of your health care today?

Hege Storhaug from Norway joins us to discuss her book Islam; Europe Invaded, America Warned. Hege went to Pakistan and lived there two years after witnessing an atrocity in her own country at the hands of Islam. She discusses the danger associated with the Mosque and why westerners ae so reluctant to address this threat to the western world.

Michael Daugherty Author of the Devil Inside the Beltway discusses the tech war with China and what that means for 2019.