Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Joe Messina @realsidewithJoeMessina joins Pastor Greg to discuss being banned from Facebook, Speaker Pelosi and the latest craziness in California. A cop killer who is a gang member suddenly does not have the mental capacity to stand trial in the sanctuary of California.

David Ward with over 38 years of law enforcement, public safety experience, and emergency management in supervisory and managerial positions joins us to discuss the wall and the latest developments at the border.

Dr Tom Barrett Expert with over 35 years experience in investment grade gold and investment strategies, Christian Financial Concepts. What are the strategies that we should be paying attention to in 2019? Is Crypto currency the next big thing? What does the future of Investment grade gold look like?

Misty Boyd was born in August of 1983 with spina bifida, the same birth defect as her main character, Carissa, in her novel, “Carissa’s Law.” Upon her arrival, her parents were told she would not live through the night and, if she did, she would be mentally and physically challenged and dependent on others her entire life. They were told she would never walk, talk or feed herself. She would only sit in her wheelchair and be dependent on them for her every need. Her parents were given the option to withhold feeding and let her die. This option was deemed unacceptable and Misty was medically treated at a different local hospital.