Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Gainor @newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter VP of Business and Culture joins Pastor Greg to discuss the media bias against the President and anyone connected to him, Manafort and Cohen in Prague reported as truth. The battle over the Wall and lack of reporting on the attacks on our border agents last night. Two illegal aliens killed Americans in the last week and the media remains silent. Transgender declares they are grooming children in the library reading campaign and there is no coverage. No coverage on issues that are not on their approved agenda list. Nets continue to ignore ANTIFA members convicted of attacking Marine.

Derrick Wilburn Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives we will discuss Mitt Romney and his attack on the President Donald Trump. Romney lost in 2012 because he is a moderate that leans left and because he would not address Obama and Benghzi or the Clinton Emails. He never spoke up about Obama but attacks Donald Trump exposing his RINO/SWAMP behavior.

David Shestokas Constitutional Sound Bites addresses the suits filed by Jerome Corsi and his filing of an ethics complaint against Mueller that could lead to Mueller having his law license suspended.

Robert Oscar Lopez a former Gay man who was raised by two lesbian women and is now married with children and serving as a Pastor and Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He recently attended a conference for the DOE addressing the faith community which ignores any protection for expression of faith on campuses while providing protection for all things gay. Additionally we address the commercials played during the College football bowl games that promote homosexual behavior specifically adoption. Robert has lived through the terror of that arrangement and speaks of those dangers.