#RuleofLawHasDied #TrampledtheBlodOfChrist #InnocentsCallForJustice @shestokas @SidneyPowell1 @thejimjams @deanbc1

America has rejected the Rule of Law and the usurpers have rejected the Constitution and God’s law. The Administrative State, the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DOD, EPA, FDA, FTC, State Department, Federal Judges, SCOTUS and DHS all have committed Treason and Sedition. Therefore under God’s Law there is no longer found Hebrews 10, grace and mercy for they have trampled over and rejected the sacrifice and the Blood of Jesus Christ and the blood of 65 million innocents is crying out to God for Judgement. It is therefore incumbent upon Christians to pick up the sword and prepare for battle. SCOTUS decision to reject the cases of Election Fraud and not allow the presentation of evidence by sworn members of the court has left Americans with no path to address their grievances.

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