Dear Friends









We have been very busy in India. I need to get this out so you but had been waiting for my new computer to be ready. My computer crashed last Saturday night and I had to scramble to find a temporary replacement. I am using a laptop that I took with me to CPAC but really did not know how to use it. I have now figured out that it will work for me on the road. It is an i5 processor meaning it is too slow to use as a daily at home studio set up but works in a pinch. I had to borrow funds in order to purchase another computer and bought a new Lenovo i7 processor with a 512 SSD and plenty of power for what we are doing. The cost of it and rebuilding the hard drives of the old unit is $1800. The India ministry and the Radio Show are dependent on my having a good machine to preach and reach. You can help with a one time gift HERE   







In India we have been drilling fresh water wells in two communities so far and we hope to be able to start the third this week. As Pastor Samuel shared in the last update we have received donations to pay for five well units and we had to raise funds for the drilling. That is a huge blessing to these poor communities.














Due to the computer failure last weekend we had to pay a recorded video presentation at our Pastor outreach instead of live but Pastor Samuel said that it went well.
















Today we were able to do a live outreach and to provide food. In order for us to continue our outreach into India we have to be able to give out food. This is where we need your assistance.

We are seeing souls saved, the church increasing, people being fed, including orphans and widows and we are seeing God bring physical healing to those attending our meetings.


























We have received an invitation to come back to this area and to minister to their churches and community. This is also where we plan to put in our third well. Again I can not stress how important it is that we receive financial assistance at this time so we can reach these areas. In order for the government to feel comfortable with our efforts we must be feeding these families. Let me also share this. In India, Kenya and Nigeria where I have relationships I trust. we have opportunity. HOWEVER, the Islamist’s, Muslims, Jihadi’s are also going into these villages and communities and they are saying join us and we will provide you with food. They then take the men and boys and in some cases the younger attractive women. They force the men and boys to kill and radicalize them. They rape the women and use them and claim them as wives, property to be used and abused. If we can get there first and the villages have fresh water and they have food and they have faith they are less likely to be terrorized and they can make a stand. You can save a life and change their world. Strategically India is a critical partner for the future of our nation and the world. China has the largest population but India is next. India is the last remaining Democracy in that part of the world and aside from Israel and Japan, India has the most pivotal role to play. This is why China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal are all attacking. Iran and Turkey are joining with China and in some ways Russia, to attempt to take over India. This is the time for Americans to make missionary work to India a priority as a matter of national security and American patriotism. Chosen Generation Radio is making a difference in America daily with our broadcasts and the information we share. We are also making a difference in India. Our message of the power of the gospel to change lives and change a nation are resonating. Please help us to make that difference today. give on line here it is a tax deductible donation and it is getting to the time of the year when those considerations are being made. We are battling for the souls of this nation and for souls for the Kingdom of God, here and around the world. Please help us by joining with us to make a difference! If you prefer make a check payable to: Faith Harvest Church P.O. Box 3393 Bandera Texas 78003 and send it today. God bless you and thank you!

Pastor Greg