I love people and I am actively involved in ministering the gospel to a diverse group of people both here in the US and to India, Kenya and Africa. I am also broadcasting daily on the number one on line urban internet television network www.tecntv.com









That said the indoctrination of students in school by a radical leftist communist agenda, they call Diversity Training,  that is bent on dividing us and destroying our country by lying and deceiving our youth must be met with absolute rejection. Parents do not send your children back to these indoctrination centers. Here is an excerpt and a link to an article which exposes this danger in California, “One set of parents summed up their dismay this way: “We were horrified to see a dangerously deceptive, radical political agenda disguised as an English + Ethnic Studies class. The SBUSD is deceitfully and purposefully recruiting our children behind our backs with symbols of communist hate. We are in disbelief that four weeks of this class focuses on “Protest” followed by three weeks of “Intersectionality.” Clearly, they are recruiting our sweet, innocent children for radical rioting like we see it Seattle and Portland and grooming them for lawlessness behind portals made accessible only to the students.”, This is an article that appeared on Front Page Mag by Clare Lopez, https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/08/california-schools-kowtow-black-lives-matters-clare-lopez/

I know Clare and have her on my show regularly. She is meticulous and very conservative in calling for any action without great research. Make no mistake. California buys the largest number of school text books in the country. They dictate what more than half the countries schools can get their hands on by this sheer volume. Texas is the next greatest buyer and sadly there is faint difference between the two when it comes to curriculum. That being said I know many parents feel that homeschooling is not within the realm of reality. However I would encourage you to re exam that idea. Many have had to make dramatic changes during these unprecedented times as schools have remained closed. I recommend two courses of action. If you are committed to sending your children back then choose a private institution or commit to be engaged with your students teacher and the classroom activities. Challenge anything that does not align with your beliefs and with the best interest of our Constitutional Republic and your child. Engage other parents to do the same. It is your money footing the bills at that school and your child filling the seat so do not let them bully you and tell you that you have no voice.

Your other option is to enlist the help of friends and family and create a Home school Co Op where you team teach or have your kids watched during the day and teach them when you get home. You can do this with extended family. The battle for our children is the battle for our future. The lefts radical diversity programs are unnatural ungodly and destructive to society. They must be exposed for the lies they are. A goodnatured resource to look at is a brand new book out by my friend Tim Constantine White Guys Are Okay Too 











Burgess Owens who is running for Congress in Utah has a great book out that gives tremendous historical evidence as the the real issues in black America. Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps 


If we do not stand then there will be no one left to stand when we are gone. 

Pastor Greg