Praising Report of Bethel Ministry

Indra Colony, Majitha Road, Amritsar Punjab-143001



Monthly Meeting of Bethel Church Planters of Punjab

Dear Pastor Greg Young we are are so blessed in the monthly pastors meeting dated on 8th August 2020. we supported all the Church planters of Punjab. All the pastors were touched and refreshed. Dear pastor Greg one pastor his name is Zakki he was having sickness of blood issues, God healed him, another pastor was healed from back pain, one pastor was healed from the problem, he was not able digest anything but God touched him and he is alright  Now. All glory to God.








Dear Pastor Greg Young , I thank and praise God that we had a blessed public meeting in a village, where all new people came, here as you shared your testimony and shared from Word, people were so blessed and around 29 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Praise God one brother decided to get rid of alcohol. Another brother was healed from chest Pain, he treated a lot. There was sister have been suffering kidney stones, God touched her, old woman she had weak sight, God touched her and she see perfectly now. Many were healed from pain. Almost every one was touched by the Power of God. All glory to God.












Dear Pastor Greg Young , this is the another Public meeting where people were so blessed and touched by your testimony and of your Sharing from God’s word. 41 people accepted Jesus Christ and many were healed. One old woman was not able to walk a step without the walker, God touched her now she can walk without the walker, she is able to go in toilet. One brother was broght in the meeting not able to move, but God touched him and in meeting he started clapping. one sister she had a cervical pain, God touched her and she is healed. Many more were healed and blessed. We distributed the grocerey to people after that. All glory to God.










Dear Pastor Greg Young, we are so grateful you passion and heart for the glory of God, we all are praying for you, family, Radio Ministry and all our ministry friends who have been giving sacrificially.

Special Testimony is this pastor Greg that one Political person who was arrested and was not getting bail, but when you prayed and got bail very next day, after that you prayed for him while was in meeting, he is so blessed in his business and told me that he will buy us 5 water motors (Well Pumps, casing and Pressure Tanks) in the remotest villages where the people have scarcity of water, but drilling expense($200 per well) will paid from our side. At present we don’t have funds for drilling, please all of you keep this in prayers that God would provide us enough funds to start the bore Well work as soon as possible. (Your donation can provide fresh water to an entire community)

If the Spirit of God puts in your heart to donate for the ministry that we are doing in India, than directly you can contact Pastor Greg Young.